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  • Elimination of electromechanical swithing devies, like contactors, meaning no moving parts.
    Heance minimum maintenance.
  • Indefinite long life of thyristors & easy availability in India.
    Less maintenance expenses with increased reliability.
  • Switching of capacitors at precise "Zero" current cross over threshold, meaning 'no' inrush current at switching " ON Instant". No generation of voltage or current Spikes, surges and harmonics.
    Hence very stable network
  • Very long life of capacitors.
    Stress less switching of capacitors due to switching at 'ZERO' cross over increases the life of capacitors maniflid. This reduces, running expences and capacitor replacement cost. Low loss MPP capacitors give results as good as APP, Gas Filled or Mixed Dielectric Capacitors.
  • It is be possible to filter harmonics in existing networks by designing suitable L-C circuits.
    Reduction inHarmonics.
  • Instant correction of load power factor. The response time could be as small as 15 mili seconds.
    Better control over MD and compensation of reactive energy. Fast correction of power factor.
  • Compatibility of working with grid supply and DGs, having facility of dual P.F. settings.
    Generator P.F. can also be improved to achieve better efficiency of alternators, resulting in fuel saving.
  • Fast compensation of reactive energy helps in achieving substantial saving by reducing KVAh and rKVAh consumption.
    Reduction in electricity bills where the billing is based on kVAh and / or kVArh basis.
  • Suitable for working in harmonic rich environments.
  • Fully Indian and in house technology.
    No dependency on over seas Collaborators for spares & main. support.


Our Products