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Leading manufacturer of Thyristor Switched Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems and harmonic filters , we are a Licensed electrical contractor and an ISO-9001-2000 certified company.
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Power Factor Correction Systems


We offer proper power factor corrections systems with varied applications like :

  • Normal industries, using conventional contactor switching systems
  • Industries having fast variable loads like CNC machines, cranes, hoists, grinding machines etc.
  • Fabrication shops using spot and arc welders
  • Railway Traction Sub-Stations feeding single phase 25 kV supply to highly variable and 3rd harmonic generating locomotive loads consuming very high amount of power
  • Steel and forging industries using induction furnaces, DC and variable speed AC motors with highly variable loading pattern, combined with generation of harmonics. Systems are designed upto 750V operating voltage.
  • Rubber industries
  • Power factor improvement of diesel generating sets, where the P.F. cannot be maintained to the name plate rating resulting in under utilization of the set
  • Power factor improvement of loads like computers, large servers, PLCs, UPS units etc. as used in call centers and industries
  • Electric supply companies for improving P.F. of their distribution transformers

Thyristor Switched Ultrafas

Thyristor Switched Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems; Highly Reliable with minimum maintenance | Thyristor Switching Modules, Manufactured For Supplying To Panel Builders | Reactive Energy Compensation / P.F. Improvement Of Wind Electric Generators / Turbines / Wind Mills | Thyristor Switched Ultra-fast Power Factor Correction Systems Suitable For Working With Spot And Arc Welders | Conventional Contactor based power factor improvement panels | Power Factor Correction Panels Suitable for working in harmonic rich networkes | Harmonic Filters | Power Control Centres & Motor Control Centres | Control Panels | Power Study & Harmonic Analysis | More About Our Prodcuts
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