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Leading manufacturer of Thyristor Switched Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems and harmonic filters , we are a Licensed electrical contractor and an ISO-9001-2000 certified company.
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Thyristor Switched Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems


Thyristor Switching of capacitors for power factor improvement has many advantages over conventional contactor switching. Thyristor Switching is highly reliable with minimum maintenance, especially suitable for fast variable loads, where contactor switching systems fail to give desired results. The capacitors are switched at "ZERO CURRENT CROSS OVER THRESHOLD".

Thyristor Switched Automati

Comparison between Fast response Thyristor Switched and Contactor Switched Capacitor A.P.F Correction Systems
Thyristor switched fast response P.F. correction systems
Conventional contactor switching P.F. correction systems
Load P.F. correction is quick and consistently near to the set value. Total P.F. correction is achieved within few hundred milliseconds.
P.F. correction is slow. Total correction takes few minutes.
Fast P.F. correction reduces maximum demand more effectively, hence more savings on account of reduction in MD charges.
Slow response; P.F. correction is not as effective in reducing maximum demand, especially when the load variations are fast.
Capacitors are switched through thyristors at "zero current crossover threshold". Hence the capacitor connection to the mains is always smooth, transient free and absolutely without generation of harmonics and voltage spikes.

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